Which Tech Trends Will Blow Up In 2023

In 2022, digitization must deliver. As a long-term and transformation-accelerating megatrend, it will come to the fore even more in the coming year.

Video Content

Videos are the easiest and fastest way of getting information. 99 percent of entertaining content are also videos, so it’s not surprising that video platforms will blow up in 2023. Nowadays nobody wants to spend much time on long videos, that’s why TikTok went viral recently. TikTok also can be used for online marketing. You can create content you like, then find sponsors and money is made! You just need to have a large audience, so don’t forget that you need to get YouTube subscribers and fans.

Uniform CO2 price

In order to advance the energy transition with appropriate urgency, we finally need a reliable climate currency: a comprehensive CO2 price above 60 euros per tonne of CO2 that can be converted anywhere in the world.

High-income households in particular are currently benefiting from the energy transition. They use subsidies for electric cars, for renewables and for more energy efficiency.

In contrast, an energy price reform with comprehensive CO2 pricing would be the fairer approach. A carbon price can be implemented at low cost but is extremely effective. Above all, it would put a strain on old fossil energies. This puts a strain on electricity that comes from fossil fuels and makes renewable energies cheaper. These could be used preferentially to promote climate protection in transport, but also in industry or for cooling or heating energy.

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