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Should Car Manufacturers Mandate Safety Devices?

If your vehicle doesn’t have any of these safety devices, you may wonder: Should car manufacturers mandate them? The reason is simple: a safety device helps prevent collisions by alerting other drivers and pedestrians of an oncoming car. The NHTSA doesn’t specify exactly what sound the car should make, but it should be clear enough to alert pedestrians at speeds of up to 19 miles per hour. While the audible sound isn’t necessary at higher speeds, other sound systems can serve the same purpose. According to the NHTSA, adding this device to cars that are not loud enough to be heard by pedestrians could save thousands of lives annually.

The automatic crash notification system notifies emergency responders that an impending collision is imminent. This system can track a vehicle’s location and gather critical information, such as whether a passenger is unconscious or not. The rearview video system, commonly known as a backup camera, is another important safety device. It uses sensors to warn drivers of objects and other cars in the area behind their vehicle to avoid rear-end collisions. A backup camera will also provide a live video of the space behind the vehicle in case of a crash.

The latest models of cars are equipped with safety devices that alert drivers to the possibility of an impending crash. However, these devices are not universal. Some of the best-known safety features are adaptive cruise control, front cross-traffic alerts, and front-crash warning systems. These features have a significant impact on preventing car accidents, but they cannot completely eliminate them. For this reason, drivers should be sure to read and understand the manual before making a purchase.

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