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Mirror Placement As Per Vastu

Mirror placement as per vastu aims to bring positive energy into a home. It represents the water element, and the North and East directions in a home fully support it. For example, rectangular and round-shaped mirrors are good for the North and East walls, respectively. In addition, Vastu suggests placing a mirror in the center of a north-east wall to correct defects of the north-east axis.

North-south-east-west direction reflects the fire element, and is therefore a bad direction for a mirror. Mirrors facing the same direction may cause conflict, and should be at least five feet high. In addition, mirrors facing the same direction are not a good idea – they may be dangerous to your health. In addition, mirrors facing opposite the toilet can increase negative energy. Alternatively, placing a mirror facing the door or entry gate is good.

A mirror placed in a bedroom or living room is a poor placement for vastu. Vastu states that mirrors should not be in bedrooms, but many people place them in almirahs. The only exception to this rule is the master bedroom, where the mirror should face the south, not the bed. Mirror placement as per vastu can enhance the flow of energy in the house. Just remember to cover the mirror when it isn’t in use.

When placing a mirror, be sure to consider the Vastu design of your shop. Mirrors can bring in positive energy or reflect negative energy. If you are trying to attract wealth, mirrors placed opposite a cash box or a safe can draw in more customers. In business, mirrors facing a work desk, for example, can increase your workload. In a house, mirrors facing the dining table can bring in good wealth and strengthen relationships within the family.

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