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Living Relationship Meaning in Hindi

What does living relationship mean in Hindi? The phrase means “living together as an intimate relationship.” The two words are not synonymous. You can use one of the two to explain a particular situation. The definition of living relationship in Hindi is very similar to the meaning of the English word “couple.”

A live-in relationship is an arrangement between two people who share space but are not married. In other words, they are pursuing a sexual or romantic relationship without getting married. In India, this is legal. However, it is important to understand that live-in relationships are a type of dependency and need special protection. In the case of a marriage, each person has certain rights and duties. A live-in relationship is often a less stable arrangement.

The concept of live-in relationships has undergone changes throughout history. While the Indian legal system still has no clear definition, various judgements by the Honourable Supreme Court have made the situation legal. In the Indian context, the term “live-in” refers to a relationship between two people who share a residence. Despite the ambiguous meaning of the term, the Indian legal system is gradually accepting it as a valid relationship.

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