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Is Three Weeks Enough Time to Study For Exams?

You may be asking yourself: Is three weeks enough time to study for my exams? Well, it depends on the type of exams you’re taking. Accounting and stats, for instance, require more study time. You’ll need to memorize formulas and review practice exams. In the case of accounting, you should study for four to eight hours a day, even if you have two weekends off. Then, you should prioritize your remaining study time for each class, aiming to achieve at least 70 on all exams. Similarly, summer school courses should not be a burden.

The best way to approach your revision time is to think of it as three weeks plus one week. That way, you’ll have three weeks to prepare and one week to revise. Make a list of topics to study, and compile factsheets for each topic. Compile one or two A4 pages of notes on each topic. These factsheets can serve as a guide to what to focus on during the exam, and they should be reviewed regularly throughout the exam.

Studying for exams is difficult, and three weeks are not nearly enough time. You need to have time to do revision, as well as some fun. If you have a week to study, you should be able to fit it in between exams and half-term breaks. Remember to set aside at least one hour a day for studying. That way, you will have plenty of time to build a deeper understanding of the subject.

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