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7 Things You Need To Know About Toilet Vanities

Who must have thought that even bathrooms have significance? Most of the time, people spend long hours showering and dressing up in the bathroom as it is an escape from reality after a tiring day. Hence, the bathroom’s appearance must be enhanced to provide the right way for a reason to relax and enjoy themselves. Toilet vanities are the best way to improve the look of a bathroom. Many rich people use antique vanities that bring in a traditional look.

Is investing in vanities worth it?

The answer is yes. Investing in toilet vanities is worth the time and money as the bathroom becomes worth spending time in due to them. Many women reported that a good vanity makes them dress up better. They also have a dual facility of sink and drawers. This helps a person to perform their morning routines like brushing, cleansing, or scrubbing their face, doing makeup, etc., and also stores essential toilet supplies like cleaning detergents, brushes, towels, napkins, toilet papers, shampoos, creams, etc.

History of toilet vanities

The use of vanities dates back to the 19th century when the upper-class women in the society would sit in front of the vanity facing the mirror to do their makeup. Such vanities were also prevalent during various events like dance shows, circuses, operas, etc. Vanities are not just limited to usage by women. Many men in contemporary times use wall-mounted vanities to shave their beards, skincare, and even shampoo their hair!

In the earlier days, vanities meant a chest of drawers attached with a mirror that helped people to do basic stuff like makeup and store the products. In the contemporary world, the definition of vanity has also been extended to bathroom supplies. The drawers are combined with one or two sinks and are now most commonly used in the bathrooms.

The best type of vanity

A bathroom vanity made up of porcelain is considered one of the best types of vanity as it gives a modern look combined with the aesthetics of the antique colour. It is also very expensive and delicate. Hence, one must consider every material’s pros and cons before purchasing a vanity. Bathroom vanities made up of wood, marble, and granite are also among the best vanities as they are pretty durable and resistant to water.

Mix of material

The base of the vanity can be made up of any material. For instance, it can be made of precious stone quartz, and the sink can be made of standard steel or glass. This is an intelligent way to cut costs while enhancing the look of the vanity. Such vanities can be customized according to personal choices.

Installing a toilet vanity

If one is installing a part of the vanity, like a new tap, holder, etc., one can do it alone. A few essential tools like screwdrivers, tapes, and fixing tape are required along with the instruction manual. If the whole vanity requires installation, it is always advised to call a plumber to fit it correctly. A wall-mounted vanity requires holding with utmost care as it involves drilling.

Floating vanities- the future of bathrooms

Floating toilet vanities are the ones that do not touch the ground. They float in the air. They are firmly attached to a sink that helps them float above the ground. They are widely purchased and installed due to their ability to enhance the look of a traditional bathroom. Such vanities add a modern look to any bathroom. They are on the expensive little side but are worth investing in.

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